Wellness Community Coordinator Installed in Marshall County

Marshall County is part of a pilot program for a wellness initiative.

Newly installed Wellness Community Coordinator Sandy Read told the Marshall County Commissioners this week that Purdue University received federal funding to place five coordinators in counties to develop a branch of the Nutrition Education Program. She will be employed by Purdue University.

Read said she and the Fulton County representative would be constructing the manual for the program and try to pave the way for a more widespread organization in 2016 or 2017.

Read explained what her job would initially entail.

“We are supposed to be working with policies and initiative. One of our first goals is to assemble a coalition in the community. We will invite partners to the table – a myriad of different organizations that represent our community. With that coalition, we will complete a community health assessment,” said Read.

A survey will also be circulated in the county to get specific information about what the community needs pertaining to health and wellness. From there, the coalition can narrow down priorities. Read said that’s when she steps into the picture.

“My job is to be able to fill whatever gap they see to accomplish whatever goal, or whatever need they see.”

The community coalition will decide the priorities which may be diet, exercise, or tobacco cessation, and Read will research the issue and help the county address those needs.

The commissioners welcomed Read into the position and she will report to the board of commissioners down the road.