Volunteers Look to Raise Awareness About Stormwater Pollution

A group of volunteers will continue reminding Plymouth residents to keep hazardous materials out of stormwater drains.

Members of the Boy Scouts of American told the Plymouth Board of Public Works this week they will be placing small medallions on the stormwater inlet grates. The project is designed to help residents understand that chemicals mixed into stormwater runoff can affect lakes, streams, and even drinking water.

Boy Scouts member AJ Styers says there are some changes from last year they are planning to implement.

“We got a new epoxy that we’re going to be putting down and that’s going to be a lot easier and quicker, and hopefully it’ll save a lot more money too,” says Styers.

The work is an extension of a program started last year.

Around 1-thousand inlets need to be inspected according to officials with Plymouth’s Wastewater Department. Another 400 inlets need to be marked with the medallions.

The City says there are plenty of things that can be improved from last year. Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson says safety is a big concern.

“We’re going to have a workshop prior to going out,” says Davidson. “Last year we had about eight adult supervisors.”

The group will also be handling out brochures with online resources to help the public understand the effect lawn chemicals and fertilizers have on water resources.

The matter received Board approval, last year.