Plymouth Student Competes Nationally In Poetry Out Loud Competition

A Plymouth High School student is now considered one of the top poetry readers in the country.

According to information provided by the Plymouth School Corporation, Emma Libersky has been selected to advance beyond the first round of the National Poetry Out Loud competition.

53 students competed in the Poetry Out Loud semi-finals. This is the 10th year the competition has taken place.

Libersky is one of three students chosen to represent the Midwest Region. There are three regions, total. Libersky has been competing in the Poetry Out Loud competition for three years now, but has never made it past the first round.

The final students will win around $50-thousand in rewards for their schools.

The information released by the school corporation indicates that she will read three poems during the competition. The other eight students from around the national will do the same before a national winner is chosen.