Plymouth Public Library to Celebrate National Library Week

National Library Week begins tomorrow and the Plymouth Public Library has a program in place to help patrons with fines.

The “Canned Food for Fines” program begins tomorrow. When library patrons bring in a can of food, library officials will take one dollar off of fines owed to the library. The deduction will be made through the patron’s account at the library. The library will only accept canned food that is not expired. Bottles, jars, or boxes will not be accepted.

The “Canned Food for Fines” program will continue through Saturday, April 18.

Library patrons who don’t have fines may check out free DVDs or get a library card replaced at no charge.

During next week’s celebration, take part in the Plymouth Library’s buck a bag sale. Pick up a bag at the desk and fill it with books from the Friends of the Library sale carts. When you fill your bag, take it to the desk and pay one dollar.

For more information, call the Plymouth Public Library at (574) 936-2324.