Plymouth Ice Cream Business Fined for Ordinance Violations

An ordinance violation cited by the City of Plymouth has levied fines against a local ice cream business.

Mooney’s Ice Cream erected a sign on the corner of their building, but allegedly did not receive a permit from the City of Plymouth.

To remedy the problem, the businesses’ representative and Owner Jon Webster sought a variance for the sign in February. The matter was tabled for further consideration. According to a letter sent by Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi, the business did not return for further discussion on the matter. That lead to an order from the City that the violating sign be removed.

The company has already incurred a fine of $150, but if the violating sign has not been removed in a reasonable amount of time, that fine will be applied daily.

A reply from Mooney’s has been sent to the City Attorney from the business owner, saying the violating sign is temporary. Webster says he simply wants violating sign up until the new sign is installed.

Webster has until Friday afternoon to comply with the request to remove the sign.