Plymouth BZA Calls Special Meeting for Mooney’s Issue

Amid an ongoing discussion over an improperly placed sign, some additional discussion may soon take place.

Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor, located in the 300 block of East Jefferson Street, was assessed a $150 fine for failing to receive a permit prior to constructing their sign and then failing to remove the sign when instructed to do so by the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals.

The BZA will now host a special meeting on Thursday of this week to hear from the business’ owner. Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi says the City never wants to be in a position where it’s assessing fines.

“All that everybody wants to do now is have him come in front of the board and speak his mind, and they can kind of go from there and see if they need to reassess their order or not,” says Surrisi.

The owner of Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor, Jon Webster, allegedly did not receive a permit for constructing the violating sign.

He was instructed by the BZA to remove it but, according to Surrisi, is unwilling to comply with the request until a compliant sign has been constructed. Whether the City intends to follow through with its fine remains to be seen.

Surrisi says BZA members have heard plenty of input from the public on the issue.

“I don’t know that there’s anything particularly different or special about this situation. Any of the City’s business is certainly a matter of public concern and up for debate in whatever form,” says Surrisi.

Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor indicated in a letter to the City of Plymouth that it intends to fight the matter in the “court of public opinion.”

The BZA will meet on Thursday at 5:30 in Council Chambers at the Plymouth City Building.