Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor Hopes for Quick Resolution on Sign Dispute

A Plymouth business says they want a reasonable amount of time to replace their sign.

Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor was assessed a fine of $150 by the City of Plymouth for failing to comply with the town’s signage ordinance. The company did not receive a permit for constructing their current sign in the 300 block of East Jefferson Street – something that has been described by the business as a miscommunication.

Mooney’s Owner Jon Webster says the City has allowed the sign for the previous four months, what’s another couple of weeks?

“It feels like we played ball, and they hit us in the back of the head with a bat, and they still want us to play ball. But after what happened last week, we decided to pick up our own bat,” says Webster.

The City of Plymouth’s Board of Zoning Appeals has called a special meeting to further discuss the matter.

The BZA requested the violating sign to be removed, but Webster says it’s reasonable to leave it in place until a new sign can be properly constructed. He says the current sign helps allow his shop to stay in business.

According to a letter sent from Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi, the business could be subject to fines of $150 for each day it’s not in compliance with the sign ordinance.

Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor has used what it calls the “court of public opinion” to push back against decisions made by the City over the past several months. Webster says he’s currently making efforts to put up a new sign that’s in compliance.

“They gave us 60 days, and I would assume since I have never dealt with any of this, I’m a new owner, that if we didn’t have it up, they have every right to get all over us. Or ask us: why?” says Webster.

The new sign is in production, locally.

The special BZA meeting will be held on Thursday at 5:30 in Council Chambers at the Plymouth City Building.