Marshall County Sheriff’s Department Adds Crash Investigation Equipment

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department has new crash investigation equipment to pinpoint exactly what a vehicle did before, during and immediately after a wreck. Crash data retrieval allows officers to download and analyze data stored in a vehicle’s airbag module. Event Data Recorders record information, including the vehicle’s precise speed several seconds before the crash, the timing of the braking of the vehicles involved and whether seatbelts were fastened.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office combined funds to buy the equipment. It was used in the investigation of a Sunday evening injury crash on 3A Road between East Shore Drive and Plymouth-Goshen Trail.

Crash retrieval data is useful to legal counsel in both criminal and civil cases resulting from wrecks. Insurance companies, law enforcement officers and others can also benefit from the information gathered. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates the type of information that is recorded and how it is stored. Manufacturers of all vehicles made for sale in North America after Sept. 1, 2012, are required to make their data available to the public. Click NHTSA EDR Rule to read the policy.