Marshall County School Corporations Form New Pre-School Class

A new pre-school location will be opening in Marshall County.

According to a press release from the Culver Community Schools Corporation, the pre-school classroom will be located at Argos Elementary School. The class will accept students from three school corporations, including: Argos, Culver, and Triton.

Developing a new pre-school in the Marshall County area departs from past practice. Previously the school corporations shared a pre-school class with the Plymouth Community School Corporation.

The Culver School Board approved signing a contract with the other two school corporations earlier this year. During that discussion, Culver Superintendent Vicki McGuire says she believes the move will be able to serve more students at a lower cost.

Each school corporation receives five vacancies for three-year-old students and five more vacancies for their four-year-old students. The press release says the children would attend half-day classes five days per week throughout the school year.

An open house at the pre-school site is scheduled for May 21st.