Know Local Requirements Before Scheduling Yard Sales

Many residents will be shopping at their neighbor’s homes for deals when the yard sale season gets underway this summer.

The City of Plymouth does not have a yard sale permitting process, however the city’s sign ordinance regulates where yard sale signs can be posted to advertise the event. They can’t be hung on telephone poles, fire alarms or any other pole constructed by the authority of the Plymouth Common Council. Here is a copy of the ordinance section: City of Plymouth Sign Ordinance. Individual residents are allowed to have up to three sales per year.

The Town of Culver does not require a permit for yard sales.

The Town of Bremen charges $1 for yard sale permits. The fee is imposed for each weekend the sale is planned. For example, yard sales scheduled over two consecutive weekends will require two separate applications. Residents are allowed to have up to three yard sales a year. The permit application fee will be waived during the town-wide yard sale event July 16-18.