IRS Scammers Strike Again

Scammers claiming to be IRS agents are once again making the rounds through Indiana. State police representatives say they call, tell victims they owe taxes and threaten them with jail unless immediate payment is made. That’s a tip off the call is a fake, as the IRS will not employ such a tactic to collect tax payments.

Police say you should never give personal information like bank account or Social Security numbers, birth dates or credit card numbers to an unverified caller. The most recent scam involves the telephone number 347-389-0029, according to the Indiana State Police. They advise telephone numbers change frequently and recommend typing the number into an Internet search engine to see if it has been associated with scam activity.

As a general rule, calls claiming legal action is pending or any threatening or demanding scenario trying to get you to part with large sums of money are fraudulent. Authorities say scams like those usually trace back to foreign countries, which makes prosecution of those responsible virtually impossible. Authorities say the best thing to do is just hang up.

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