Culver Town Council Tables Water Flouridation Again

Discussions continued in Culver on an issue that medical professionals say is an important public health issue.

The Town is in the process of designing a new water treatment facility. Designs are at the stage where decisions need to be made on whether the Town of Culver intends to continue using fluoride in the water system. The chemical is often used to prevent dental decay and help children develop strong tooth enamel.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says dental care can be pricey for the less fortunate.

“A lot of people, sadly, and unfortunately can’t afford good dental care,” says Munroe. “It’s not always part of an insurance package for those who are insured and I know as a self-employed person that I have to pay my own dental care, it’s very expensive.”

Officials with the Town have been checking with neighboring communities to inquire about their fluoride usage.

Engineers for the water treatment facility have suggested the fluoride corrodes the piping, and may increase expenses. Dentists who have addressed the Town Council, however, have said the cost associated with increased dental visits would outweigh the Town’s expenses.

Doctor Tom Pedavoli is a dentist from Plymouth. Reading from his speech, he says sometimes communities forget how prevalent dental decay was a short while ago.

“Flouridation is a public health measure we monitor and a communitywide investment that benefits everyone,” says Pedavoli. “Maintaining an optimal amount of fluoride in the water is based on the principle that decisions about public health should be based on what’s healthy for the entire community, not a few individuals.”

A powder for of fluoride is seen as less corrosive. The Town’s management is looking into using powder as an option.

The Culver Town Council said additional information was needed and tabled the matter for consideration at their next meeting.

As bids are received an addendum of the bid will be included for water fluoridation.