Construction Ongoing For Ancilla Residence Hall

Work continues on the campus of Ancilla College.

The two-year liberal arts school is in the process of constructing a residence hall for freshman students. The building is expected to be finalized before the fall semester begins in August.

Ancilla College President Dr. Ken Zirkle says it’s going to be a beautiful building.

“The rooms are a little larger that typical residence halls at other colleges, so it’s going to be very comfortable for the students, but on top of that, it’s attractive,” says Zirkle.

The entry will be two stories high and have fireplaces.

Right now, the sides of the structure are erected for the first floor, and space for the student rooms is also visible. Plans have put the residence hall at three stories.

According to Zirkle, having a residence hall on campus, sets Ancilla College apart from other two-year schools. He says students are attracted to a college with living quarters.

“Up to this point in time, we were restricted by a 30 mile radius,” says Zirkle. “Beyond that, people really don’t want to drive to go to school and now you’ve expanded that radius significantly.”

Around 96 freshman will live in the dormitory. There will also be three Resident Assistants and a Dorm Director.

A ceremony where the public is invited to view and tour the residence hall will likely be held in late July.