Senate Dems Find Support In Local Districts For Key Issues

Indiana’s Senate Democrats are touting the results of a survey recently conducted by the caucus.

Questions were asked in each of the Senate Democrats individual districts. The survey was conducted this year prior to the start of the long session of the Indiana General Assembly.

Topics ranged from education and healthcare to budgets and regulation. After a couple of months, results from the survey have been released.

In District 8 – overseen by State Senator Jim Arnold – 74-percent of respondents said they supported an elected State Board of Education. 67-percent said they supported limiting the number of vouchers provided by the state voucher program.

Data and topics of interest changed depending on the Senate district in question. For instance, 40th District State Senator Mark Stoops out of Bloomington saw survey results indicating 83-percent support an increase in the minimum wage. In District 8, only 74-percent supported a wage increase.

Locally, a majority also support increased spending on mental health services, legalizing Sunday alcohol sales for carry-out, and making road improvements a priority in the state budget.

The caucus did not indicate how they intend to use the data now that results have been finalized.