Plymouth Schools Provides Support For Adult Education Program

The Plymouth School Corporation has agreed to provide assurances that allow grant funds to continue for adult education.

During last night’s Plymouth School Board meeting, the Adult Education Program – hosted in Plymouth – was reviewed. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development oversees the program.

Deb Sherwood is the Adult Education Director in Plymouth. She says the program is supposed to integrate education and training.

“These are not folks who are coming in without a high school diploma,” says Sherwood. “These are folks that do have a high school diploma, they have come back from GED, we even have some students with some college. Because we have students coming back to build up the skills for their next step.”

As part of continuing the program in Plymouth, the school board was required to approve signing a form that provides assurances. Some of which include operating the program within the law, and maintaining records for a period of three years.

Part of continuing the program includes providing programming in workforce preparation, English literacy, and our of school youth.

Sherwood says a change of location for English as a Second Language programming has helped.

“Our numbers have tripled already,” says Sherwood. “We have well over 30 students we’re serving in the ESL program I mean that’s the highest it’s been so I’m not sure if it was the change, the day, or the location, but it’s working.”

A drop in funding from the state of about 5-percent next year is expected. The program continues to work through challenges such as bringing awareness to the program and increasing partnerships.

The School Board approved the assurances unanimously.