Missing Plymouth Teen Found in Another State

A Plymouth teen who ran away has been found in Texas along with the man who reportedly took her with him.

Alyssa Tapia was reported missing on March 6 and was believed to be with Rigoberto Calix-Reyes. It is alleged that Reyes falsified his identity to get into Plymouth High School two years ago, according to a WSBT-TV report.

The report also states that Alyssa Tapia is pregnant. Arrangements are being made to have the pair transported back to Indiana.

Two different birth certificates with two different birth dates were found by police. One would put him at the age of 18 while the other would indicate he is 21. Plymouth School Superintendent Dan Tyree told WSBT that the paperwork submitted to the school showed that Reyes was 16 years old two years ago. Despite the question of age, it is a federal offense to take a minor outside state lines. If Reyes is the father of the baby, he could face another charge as sexual intercourse with a minor is a felony offense.

Formal charges could be filed on Thursday.