Marshall County Habitat for Humanity Taking Applications for Minor Home Repairs

The Marshall County Habitat for Humanity organization is offering help to low-income homeowners who may need to have minor or critical repairs done to their home.

Executive Director Dean Byers said there are two different options available for a homeowner to apply within a program called “A Brush with Kindness”. If a homeowner is chosen to participate, they will repay the organization based on their income.

Byers said one program allows for help in minor repairs and routine home maintenance.

“That’s doing yard work, minor repairs, and exterior painting,” said Byers. “What we try to do is find a low-income homeowner that needs that kind of help, mostly outside help, and then match them up with a volunteer group in their community or neighborhood.”

Byers said a critical home repair option is also available through “A Brush with Kindness”.

“That’s where a homeowner will not be able to, now or in the near future, live in that some because of some major need.”

Byers said they assisted a homeowner who needed assistance with furnace replacement and another whose electrical system was wiped out due to a flooding issue.

At this time, Marshall County Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications for the minor repairs and routine home maintenance portion of “A Brush with Kindness”. Volunteers will work on projects in April and May. The application deadline is April 10. To apply, contact Volunteer Coordinator Crystal Benson at (574) 935-5767 or email her at