Marshall County Commission President to Ask for Appropriation for MCEDC Contract

The Marshall County Council will consider an additional appropriation request made by Commission President Kevin Overmyer in an upcoming meeting.

He explained to the council members this week that the council cut $20,000 from the budget and that is needed to satisfy a contract with the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation. Overmyer said the contract is for $150,000 and the additional appropriation is needed for the rest of the year.

Overmyer said Executive Director Jerry Chavez has been working with the towns in Marshall County to improve economic development, which is a vision with both the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation and the county.

“I know that we pay a big chunk of this, but I think overall we see the county as a whole can see what’s coming back into the county from our investment,” said Overmyer. “When you look at CAGIT, probably five or six years ago, we were generating $1.6 million and now I think we’re up over $2.2 million.”

Chavez said while the focus is on broad economic development, the board and staff is looking to hone in on local business needs.

“I’m happy to say that we have a different plan, probably one that is more focused in on meeting the needs of the businesses and meeting the needs of our communities going forward. The opportunity is – when you think of regionalism, we think about how everybody contributes to funding a plan that has long-term benefits,” said Chavez.

Interviews that go along with the BEAR program will soon begin for 2015. BEAR stands for Business Expansion and Retention which includes business attraction, entrepreneurial hub, and a workforce development program. Chavez said this is a one-on-one opportunity to learn what businesses need in terms of economic development.

“BEAR is where we sit across from the businesses and learn what the expansion opportunities are. It’s then when we start to understand how we need to improve the business climate.”

He said the county development for the future is something of which to be proud.

The council members will discuss the additional appropriation in April.