Indiana Senate Dems Reviewing Minimum Wage Data

Indiana’s Senate Democrats are taking a look at the minimum wage in Indiana.

According to information put forward by the caucus, data from the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis has Indiana making slow strides in income growth compared with other states.

Indiana ranked behind 44 other states when it came to wage growth. That same data says average per capita personal income grew at 4-percent while Hoosiers saw their incomes grow at 2.5-percent.

In a release, Indiana’s Senate Democrats say residents made 90-percent of the national average in 2004, but only 85-percent of the national average in 2014.

According to the release, 87-percent of those experiencing positive results from an increase in the minimum wage were over the age of 20. 56-percent were also reported to be women.

The caucus says transfers out of Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment insurance grew most quickly in the Hoosier state.

Indiana’s Senate Democrats have pushed for an increase in the minimum wage in the past. The party is in the minority in the Indiana General Assembly.