Culver Town Council Reviews Questions About Business Rezoning

The Culver Town Council held a Public Hearing for two businesses looking to have a change in zoning.

During Tuesday night’s meeting the Town, and members of the public, were able to ask questions about the changes. Earlier this year, the Culver Plan Commission recommended a zoning change to the Town Council to allow Papa’s Pizza to expand its kitchen and some of its seating.

Building Commissioner Russ Mason pointed to several other businesses in the area – saying the midtown area of Culver is already largely C-1.

“They’re all C-1 now,” says Mason. “The Planning Commission talked about it and said it would probably make sense to allow Papa’s to be C-1 also.”

The growth would require the business alter its zoning from C-2 to C-1. The designation is a zoning term specifying requirements for certain commercial property.

The Original Root Beer Stand is also seeking a similar zoning change to make the aesthetic flow of the zoning more appropriate. During the public hearing, some of those in attendance expressed dissatisfaction with the loss of parking.

Mason says this changes a few requirements for the businesses.

“The difference between C-1 and C-2 is that in a C-1 district, there are nosetbacks, zero lot lines and also the parking restrictions are not there like they are in the C-2,” says Mason.

The measure considering the zoning change will come back for a first reading at the next Culver Town Council meeting.