Culver To Provide Certain Services Otherwise Handled by JESSE Cooperative

The Culver School Corporation will be making a few changes to its cooperative agreements.

At their school board meeting this week, members approved the Superintendent’s request to discontinue certain services with the JESSE cooperative. JESSE includes about 9 schools working together on certain services.

Culver Superintendent Vicki McGuire says money isn’t the only factor.

“We just feel like, you know, anytime that we are able to serve the kids, the students in our own corporation, that’s what we do,” says McGuire.

The school board will discontinue a portion of the current JESSE agreement to provide a moderate/severe disabilities program at the elementary and secondary levels. That service would simply continue at Culver schools.

According to the discussion, a teacher at the school corporation has already been asked to teach classes to the students. This teacher has several years of experience.

McGuire says some students may notice a change.

“The students will probably be glad to come back to their home school,” says McGuire. “If they’re not and they want to stay at the other school, then we would make arrangements for that.”

The change in services is expected to save the Culver school corporation a bit of money.

The School Board also agreed to enter into a pre-school agreement with Argos and Triton which discontinues the current agreement with Plymouth under the JESSE contract.

McGuire says more students could be served for the same amount of money.

The changes were unanimously approved.