Charbonneau Sponsored Right to Try Bill Signed Into Law

A new law in Indiana is considered the right step by an area state Senator.

Ed Charbonneau sponsored the “Right to Try” bill that allows terminally ill medical patients to bypass the FDA’s compassionate use application process. It was signed into law on Tuesday by Governor Mike Pence after convincing approval in the General Assembly.

The FDA has one month to grant or deny a patients request for compassionate use, but the process is said to involve significant paperwork. Steps have been taken to reduce the application process.

The legislation would only allow patients to receive access to medications that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process if no other treatment is available. Indiana joins a growing list of states allowing the maneuver for patients. Neighboring Michigan already has similar legislation in place.

Information released by Charbonneau’s offices says patients can die while awaiting application approval by the federal government.

Now that the “Right to Try” legislation is law, Charbonneau says he believes it will have a positive impact on residents facing difficult circumstances.