Authorities Find Nothing In Sweep Of Culver School

Students were on lockdown for a short time at Culver High School on Monday.

Staff at the school, along with authorities, conducted a routine sweep of the building to check for any illicit substances. The school corporation has been conducting the sweeps for some time.

High School Principal Brett Brendt says sweeps let the students know they’re working to provide a safe environment.

“Usually every couple of years, we try to let the students know that this is a concern for us,” says Berndt. “Obviously we don’t want any time of substance in our building whatsoever for the safety of the children and the students. It’s been a while since we had it so we thought it was about time to try to go through the building.”

The Code Red issued today is a lockdown signal that means students aren’t allowed to leave the classroom. Students were alerted during second period on Monday that the Code Red was in effect. Classes resumed as normal.

Building staff walk along with the police through lockers, and through the parking lots to aid in any search that’s required.

During the sweep, police did not find any illicit substances. Berndt says that’s a good thing.

“We were very pleased to hear that,” says Berndt. “Obviously anytime you do, that’s the result you want. So very pleased … with the search.”

In the instance officers locate narcotics; the school corporation says a protocol would be followed to handle the situation.

Berndt says if administrators felt they needed to turn students over to authorities, they would.