Wind Energy Ordinance Comes Back To Culver Town Council

The Culver Town Council may finally be taking a vote on their wind energy ordinance at tonight’s meeting.

The Council tabled the measure at their last meeting after certain portions were felt to be unclear. The Town of Culver has spent years attempting to develop a wind energy ordinance that addresses residents’ concerns.

With a vote, the measure would be approved and would specify specifications for when the wind energy conversion systems could be used.

The Culver Town Council will also consider a few alterations to its sidewalk program. According to Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim, a few minor adjustments will be made to the application process. Other language will be tweaked to make it more specific and easier to understand for residents.

The sidewalk program allows residents to pay for a portion of replacing their sidewalk with the city paying for the other portion.

Tonight’s meeting begins at Tuesday at 5 p.m. at Culver City Hall.