Triton School Board Discusses Additional Preschool Program, Combining Services

The Triton School Board learned this week that two students wish to start a peer helper program as a service project. The board appreciated the presentation and were proud of the leadership initiative, according to Superintendent Donna Burroughs.

Burroughs told MAX 98.3 FM News that the board is considering the addition of a preschool program next school year. The program would be shared with the other schools who participate in the special education program.

Burroughs also commented that the board will be looking to share services with other corporations to help with the lack of funding. The Corporation hosted a presentation on the lack of funding for schools late last year. She stated in a previous interview that the biggest catalyst in the lack of funding is the state takeover of the General Fund, which pays salaries, insurance, and operating costs. Burroughs said the Triton School Corporation is receiving $1.7 million less than it did ten years ago.

No decisions were made at this week’s meeting.