Textbook Selection A Process for Culver Schools

The Culver School Board is preparing for the purchase of new textbooks.

Monday night’s discussion brought approval of a Textbook Adoption Committee. Committee members typically go to textbook caravans that explain each of the different options.

Culver Superintendent Vicki McGuire says selection of textbooks is a discussion process.

“The group, or the team, will come back and will allow everyone in the school, all the teachers, probably parents too will look at the books and decide which one fits best for Culver,” says McGuire.

The Culver Board of Education designates a committee to help ensure compliance with their school corporation’s curriculum.

The subjects for selecting textbooks often rotate each year. Curriculum reviewed does not necessarily have to be in the form of a textbook.

McGuire says the committee will have to be satisfied before proceeding.

“They will have input from a lot of people, a lot of stakeholders that are involved in it,” says McGuire.

Meetings where parents and community members can possibly review the material and provide comments may be scheduled.

The Culver School Board approved the formation of a textbook adoption committee unanimously, Monday night.