Senter Presents Key to City to Former Mayor’s Family

A longtime Marshall County elected official now has a key to the City of Plymouth from the current administration. Mayor Mark Senter visited recently with former Mayor Jack Greenlee and made a presentation to his family during last night’s city council meeting.

“The only key to the city that he had on his wall was from his own administration, and I thought that can’t be right. So I decided that since he is not doing well physically we would get him a key to the city from my administration,” Senter said.

Greenlee served as mayor for eight years and also served many years as a county and city councilman and member of the Plymouth Park Board. His wife, Jenny, and son, Jamie, accepted the honor on his behalf.

“He enjoyed every moment of his time in the mayor’s chambers. He loved the city, and he hit every building downtown once a month to see if there was anything that the city could do for them. I want to thank you all for supporting him,” Mrs. Greenlee told the council members.