Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Honor Dr. Otis R. Bowen and Donors

A new plaque in the lobby of the Catherine Kasper Life Center on the Center at Donaldson Campus celebrates the generosity of one of the ministry’s most staunch supporters. The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Foundation created the Otis Bowen, M.D. Fund after his death two years ago. The pediatrician-turned-politician resided there until his death. Sister Judith Diltz says they are delighted to be able to honor Doc Bowen.

“His presence here among us was a gift and a grace. Carol put many miles on that wheelchair as she rolled him around this facility and our whole campus, and he was just such a delight.”Diltz adds Doc Bowen never stopped being a healer.

“I remember one time one of our sisters had knee surgery, and he gave her the best advice she got from anybody as she was recuperating up there in the hall kind of right next door to him. It was just our honor to have the doctor here.”

Bowen was an Emeritus member of the Ancilla College Board of Trustees. Contributions to the Bowen Fund will be used to support assisted living or the college residence hall, depending on the donor’s preference.