Plymouth Schools Adopt Balanced Calendar

Plymouth Schools have decided to make a move that will limit the number of days students receive off in the summer.

The Plymouth School Board voted unanimously last night to adopt a balanced calendar – something the school corporation has been discussing for the last year or so.

Plymouth Superintendent Dan Tyree says changes at the state level have helped the calendar as well.

“We’re planning on making up days in the future virtually, we’re one-to-one, there’s really no sense in having make-up days so next year we plan on having Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day off,” says Tyree.

The calendar adopted last night is similar to what the vocational cooperatives sent out to area schools with only a two day difference, making coordination easier.

According to the discussion, all of the schools except Argos and Union North have adopted the balanced calendar – they are thought to have a limited number of students in vocational programs. Right now, Plymouth plans to start the next school year on August 5th.

Tyree says adopting the calendar now allows families to plan their vacations, but it has some implications.

“Less down time in the summer, and shorter vacations during the year,” says Tyree.

That’s a shorter summer vacation by 1 ½ weeks. A representative of the teachers said they were pleased with the calendar, but are waiting for updates on their hours worked.

The last student day is May 27th.