Plymouth BZA Tables Sign Variance Request

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals considered a request to have more than two signs and to reduce the front setback at a business located at 309 E. Jefferson Street.

Representative Jon Webster owns Mooney’s, a business within a group of companies inside the building at that location. He told the quorum of BZA members that he has an ice cream parlor sign up at the corner of the property. He stated that he would like to keep his sign up where it is to help advertise his business. Webster was told to come before the BZA to make that request.

He said he spoke with Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds prior to the installation of the sign, and Hammonds had told him to get a permit for the sign before it was to be erected. Webster did not comply with the request. Upon further investigation by Hammonds and Plan Director Ralph Booker, if the permit application would have been submitted, it would not have been approved as it is taller than what the signage ordinance permits. It’s also on the right of way that is against regulation.

Webster admitted he was negligent in not obtaining a permit, but wants a variance to allow the sign to remain at that location.

Michelle Roberts, the office manager for the building and who works at American Family within the building, voiced her concerns about the location of the sign. She said the existing sign that advertises the business is right next to Webster’s ice cream parlor sign, and it is within regulation.

After a lengthy discussion, the BZA members voted to table the request until April to see if the three businesses can come up with a sign design that would display advertisement for all of the companies. The design would need to fall into the policy outlined in the code of ordinances. If the parties do not return in April with a proposal, Webster will be ordered to tear down his illegally placed sign.