Plymouth BZA Approves Sign Change at TCU

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals entertained a variance request from Douglas Merritt from Berkhart Advertising, who represents Teachers Credit Union (TCU). The company would like to place a different sign design on the property at 201 Plymouth Goshen Trail in the commercial zoning district.

The sign that is currently located on the property is shorter and elongated. Merritt stated that the sign is not in line with the other locations and would like uniform branding. The sign is taller, not as wide and easier to see. It would match the sign that exists at the Oak Drive location.

Merritt stated that it’s not easy to read by the motoring public. The marketing team did a site survey and determined that they’d like to have the same design at other locations.

The quorum of Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved the request. It was not announced when the construction would take place.