NIPSCO Offers Tips to Stay Warm and Save Energy

The continued cold weather means higher utility bills for Hoosiers. NIPSCO offers a variety of energy efficiency rebates that can save money in both the short and long-term. They include up to $450 back, on attic insulation with air sealing, up to $250 back on a 95 percent efficient furnace, a $20 rebate on a programmable thermostat and a $50 rebate on a smart wi-fi thermostat. Customers can schedule a free home energy assessment by calling 1-800-721-7385.

Customers can also take other steps to save money every month, such as changing air filters often throughout the season. Dirty filters block air and force the furnace to work harder. Also open drapes or blinds to let the sun in, but be sure to close them when it goes down so they will act as insulation. Use caulk to seal leaks around windows and doors and look for holes where pipes, vents or electrical conduits go through walls, ceilings or floors. Sealing small gaps can save big money.

A full list of programs and tips to help manage energy use can be found at