Marshall County Neighborhood Center Gets a $100,000 Boost

The Marshall County Neighborhood Center and the community benefitted by the Dancing with the Stars fundraiser on Saturday night.

Chad Barden from the Neighborhood Center told Max 98.3 FM News that $100,000 was raised to assist those in the community with food, clothes, energy assistance and an on-staff advocate. The advocate helps those struggling to end the cycle of poverty.

The Dancing with the Stars benefit featured several Marshall County celebrities with their partners who are professional dancers. The dancers choreograph their routines and practice for several months before performing their dances in front of the community. The community members buy votes for their favorite couple. At $20 a vote, the 486 people in attendance and others donated $100,000 in the event. The total was the most money the event has brought in for the Neighborhood Center.

Celebrity Anna Keitzman and dancer Kevin Guy won the competition with 562 votes. Bardon called the Dancing with the Stars event a giant success.

Photo provided.