John Glenn School Board Hires School Resource Officers

The John Glenn School Board approved the hire of part-time school resource officers. Superintendent Richard Reese said the corporation was the recipient of a school safety grant that helped in this endeavor.

“They only work a couple of hours a day and four officers rotate between the officers in Walkerton and North Liberty,” said Reese. “The state offered the grant which is a matching grant. I think we got $25,000, so we were able to buy security equipment as well as add the school resource officers.”

Reese said it’s better that the school be prepared in case a situation should arise.

“I guess I’d rather be proactive than reactive to a situation. These days in public schools and private schools – there are just so many random acts that I believe the officer’s visibility would deter someone from possibly coming on campus and doing things.”

Reese commented that the school board’s only concern is the safety and security of students and staff.