Gas Prices Rise in Indiana From Historic Lows

Gas prices around the country are off their lows from a couple of weeks ago.

That’s according to the website – who says prices have risen close to 20-percent over the last several weeks.

Change in the price of a barrel of crude oil has been a contributing factor, rising from $43 to around $53 per barrel. Analyst Patrick DeHaan says this is something markets tend to see this time of year.

“It’s certainly maddening for motorists facing higher prices, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that prices will likely still remain 80-cents to a dollar per gallon lower this spring and summer than where they were a year ago,” says DeHaan.

Consumers may also be contending with refinery maintenance season. That’s when companies take time to inspect their refineries and potentially change their fuel to a more expensive summer brand.

In the coming weeks, refinery maintenance may be considered a leading cause of gas price increases. DeHaan says regional differences have also been spotted.

“Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio all have seen some of the largest increases in the last 30 days with increases of around 30-cents a gallon in those areas,” says DeHaan.

Gas prices dropped several weeks ago to their lowest level since 2009.