Filing Deadline for Plymouth Municipal Candidates Passes

The last day to file for the Plymouth City Municipal Election was Friday at noon in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office.

The newest candidates to file include Democrat Jeffrey R. Houin for an at-large seat on the Plymouth City Council, Democrat Shiloh Fonseca for Plymouth City Council District 3, and Republican Burke L. Richeson for an at-large seat on the Plymouth City Council.

Any candidate in the City of Plymouth election who wishes to withdraw from the ballot can do so today.

The Primary Election is May 5.

Candidates also filed for town offices last week. Republican Karen A. Heim is seeking another term at Culver Clerk-Treasurer and Republican Kimberly A. Berger filed for another term as Bourbon Clerk-Treasurer. Those filing for an office in a town with a population less than 3,500 have until Aug. 3 to file. Town conventions may be called into session if there is party opposition on the ballot.

Marshall County Municipal Candidates