Empty Bowl Project Continues Education and Volunteerism

MoonTree Studios near Plymouth is asking the public to raise its awareness of hunger in local communities.

The art studio, along with several other local organizations, is hosting their Empty Bowl Project again this year. The event highlights food insecurity by helping to raise money for organizations that provide food to those in need.

MoonTree Studios Coordinator Evelyn Schwenk says the project helps to educate.

“We have plenty of neighbors who are facing struggles with food insecurity and not enough to eat: children, adults, and so forth,” says Schwenk. “So we would like to join in this cause to help these people be fed.”

Registration begins Saturday at the art studios where participants can purchase tickets to a soup supper and make a clay bowl.

The Empty Bowl Project was started a few years back by the Imagine/RENDER Group which allowed area artists to donate bowls to be used in other soup suppers.

$2,100 was raised last year for the Northern Indiana Foodbank. Schwenk says local foodbanks are the greatest hunger relief organizations in the U.S.

“I think they hear a lot about third world countries and people hungry in third world countries, but I don’t think they know that possibly right around the corner from them, you know, people are hungry,” says Schwenk.

Youth can participate in the project – something Schwenk says is a great intergenerational opportunity to teach the importance of hunger awareness.

MoonTree says they are trying to involve more entities in the area this year. The Empty Bowl Soup Supper will be held March 28th.