Culver Works Toward EMS Staffing Solutions

The Culver Town Council met yesterday to review what some board members consider a recurring lack of volunteers with the Town’s EMS Department over the last five years.

Due to Culver’s size and perhaps department set-up, the Emergency Medical Services Department often lacks adequate staffing. A special session was held Monday to aid in reviewing the matter.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the shifts may prevent volunteers is a few areas.

“There’s a lot of training and education involved and a lot of hours involved, and I think with the combination of the economy and the general lack of volunteerism, it’s hard to find people who want to sign up for that,” says Munroe.

To fully discuss and help implement the plan, the Culver Town Council plans to meet today for a special work session meeting. Procedural documents will be reviewed to help the EMS Department.

A new EMS Director was recently appointed, and now the Town of Culver says they plan to tackle the problem over the next several months.

Munroe says that may involve transitioning volunteers to part-time employees.

“We also need to bring the Township in, because the Union Township is a significant part of the EMS budget,” says Munroe.

Munroe says things change in certain departments and volunteering fro EMS has become a big commitment.