Culver Town Council Irons Out EMS Issues in Work Session

The Culver Town Council continues to discuss its EMS Department.

During a work session meeting on Wednesday, the Council held talks that involved a few of the problems facing the Emergency Medical Services Department. Previous reports have indicated that a lack of volunteers may be preventing adequate operations.

Plenty of this week’s work session, however, was spent reviewing a proposed EMS procedural handbook. Decisions regarding the manual are expected to be made during next week’s regularly scheduled Culver Town Council meeting.

Repeated calls requesting comment to the Town’s EMS Department have gone unreturned.

Town Council member Jean Rakich says a few areas still need to be ironed out, including the EMS budget and what is seen as recurring problems. Among those is an inability to bill when an individual when called to the scene, but they refuse medical treatment.

The EMS Department has also proposed moving volunteers to paid positions within the department to help incentivize training and relatively long shifts.

Board President Ginny Bess Munroe has previously said the changes could be implemented in the next three to six months.