Culver Schools Continue Area Trend For Balanced Calendars

The Culver School Board has decided to take action similar to neighboring school corporations.

During last night’s Board of Education meeting, members agreed to adopt a balanced calendar. The balanced calendar allows for shorter summers, but often requires more frequent breaks during the school year.

Culver Superintendent Vicki McGuire says the balanced calendar will also help with neighboring school corporations.

“It’ll help with all the other corporations around here,” says McGuire. “All the neighboring corporations, we can share services. It’ll help with our vocational schools, it’ll help with our special education, and it’ll help with remediation.”

Implementing a balanced calendar also puts Culver Schools more in line with cooperative and other vocational schools. The changes allow for more ease when comparing the two schedules.

The change adopted last night applies to the 2015-2016 school year calendar. McGuire says the school corporation shares students – and this helps with that process.

“We have students here that will go to Knox for some vocational program, or some students come here for our building and trades program, so if we can all be on the same schedule as much as possible, it’s going to help our students,” says McGuire.

The Culver Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt the balanced calendar proposal.