Culver Park Department Receives Bids for Beach Lodge Projects

The Culver Park Board held an informational meeting yesterday that saw bids opened for projects planned to start this year.

The Beach Lodge in Culver is considered to be lacking quite a few updates over the last 40 years. Among the items the Culver Park Board has been looking at is safety features.

Park Superintendent Marc Hayden says it’s a nice upgrade to the building.

“It all started, building projects started, with the HVA systems which were installed just before Christmas time,” says Hayden. “Other than that the board, just a step by step process, making improvements.”

The railing at the Beach Lodge is not considered to be meeting certain safety requirements with gaps being too large. The decking also slopes toward the building – which brings water to the interior during rains.

The process for improving those aspects of the building was started last summer. The company reviewing the project will now take the bids under advisement. Six companies submitted bids for the hand-railing project, four submitted projects for the deck coating.

Hayden says there are a few decisions the board still needs to make.

“The decking material for around the building I think is pretty set on what we’ll I don’t think there’s much variation, but then there are a lot of options for the railing as far as: is it steel, is it aluminum, is it stainless steel, so those are the things the park board is going to have to consider,” says Hayden.

The bids will receive a vote at the Culver Park Board’s March 16th meeting. The Park Board does not formally meet during the winter months.

Deadline for project completion was May 1st for this coming year.