Ancilla Student Uses Skills in Woodworking and Business

One Ancilla College student is combining their education with a bit of woodworking skill.

Sophomore Andrew Huff will begin selling long boards at Culver Marina and Outpost Sports in the near future. Under his company: Huff & Puff Board Co., he uses reclaimed wood to manufacturing the devices. Long boards function similarly to a skateboard, but the extra length provides greater traction and stability.

Assistant professor at Ancilla College John Gough has been helping Huff to develop marketing plans and a few economic models to help ensure profitability.

According to a press release from Ancilla College, Huff was able to learn a few woodworking skills at the Elkhart Area Career Center. From there, he purchased a few of his own tools.

Gough was also able to introduce his student to a few area business owners to get the product into shops.

Apart from selling the products in-store, Huff also sells the products online.