Ancilla College Board Adopts Flat, Fixed Tuition Rate

The Ancilla College board of Trustees has adopted a flat, fixed tuition rate for $14,100 per year rather than charge a per-credit hour fee. President Ken Zirkle says it encourages students to take a full course load each semester and graduate on time. Students who take more than 17 hours per semester will pay an additional $470 per credit hour.

The board also locked in tuition for students during their time at Ancilla. Zirkle says students who enroll this fall will pay $14,100 per year, or $7,050 per semester, for each of the next two years. Room and board at Ancilla’s soon-to-be-constructed residence hall will include a meal plan for $8,500 per year. Groundbreaking for the 96-bed facility is scheduled Tuesday, March 10.