Advanced Classes Available for Students at John Glenn

The John Glenn School Board heard a presentation from teacher and AP Dual Credit Coordinator Dan Drotar about the number of those classes available at the corporation.

Superintendent Richard Reese said there are a few classes that students can take as dual credit classes.

“We have 18 classes that we offer that students can get dual credits for – both college and high school credits,” said Reese. “Some of those are offered for three credits and others for four credits and five credits. Those credits are offered through Purdue University, Purdue-North Central, and Ivy Tech.”

There are nine AP classes available for students.

“We have nine AP classes that we offer. They are Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Government, Literature, regular English and Composition, Physics, and World History. The majority of those are taken at the junior and senior level and we do have one offered at the sophomore level.”

Having these classes available for students will help them better prepare for college and give them a head start at the college level.