Adopt-a-Hunter Continues Memory and Opportunity

Dollars are being accepted to host an event that helps those with mobility issues.

Through their Adopt-a-Hunter program, the Eric Corey Foundation allows those with physical challenges to get away from the recurring doctor’s visits that many live with on a daily basis. The foundation was started after the late 15-year-old, who was an avid hunter, was diagnosed with ALS.

Now his mother, Carol Corey, runs the foundation. She says many of the participants don’t have a place to pursue hunting without the annual Turkey Tracks Hunt.

“People that are not into being handicapped, or terminally ill, or maybe even hunting, they don’t realize that these kinds of organizations are out there,” says Corey.

The event started with a few hunters in 2009, but has become a communitywide event. Corey attributes almost all of the program’s success to the support of the community.

Donations to the Adopt-a-Hunter program help provide equipment to give participants the ability to hunt in wheelchairs or other devices for one weekend in April. Land is also donated to provide adequate space.

Corey says they also try to provide guides.

“We’re always needing a guide, not only they don’t know much about a hunt, as far as hunting turkey, but we also need somebody to help get the wheelchair in the stand and sit with them and stuff,” says Corey.

Corey’s son passed away in 2012 from the disease. She says one of his wishes was to ensure the program’s continuity.

The foundation says interested individuals can make a tax deductible contribution to the program.