Transmission Line Project Starting Construction This Year

NIPSCO says they will begin construction this summer on a project that has been in the works for a couple of years.

The Reynolds-Topeka Electric Transmission Line hopes to improve reliability and lower costs for NIPSCO customers. Representatives of the company have held meetings with the public to better plan the line’s route.

NIPSCO Spokesperson Nick Meyer says right-of-way acquisitions are still taking place.

“At the end of the day, you know, you still have landowners that are concerned or still don’t want to see the project, that’s why we do these meetings now at this point, kind of one-on-one and try to come up with an arrangement or agreement,” says Meyer.

The transmission line will run over 100 miles and cost about $270-million to construct. Transporting renewable energy from rural areas to more densely populated areas is key to meeting federal renewable energy standards.

A proposed route was presented to the state of Indiana with approval granted in 2013.

Meyer says weather will play a factor in the construction.

“You won’t see towers maybe until the summer timeframe, and then in the spring you may start to see things like what we call line clearance, so clearing any trees or debris, or the tree line, anything sort of right in the way of the path,” says Meyer.

NIPSCO says the project is estimated to create about jobs through both its construction and permanent operation.

The Reynolds-Topeka line is not expected to be in service until 2018.