Senator Donnelly Brings Connersville Resident to SOTU

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly had a few topics he wanted to hear discussed prior to last night’s State of the Union address.

On a conference call yesterday, Donnelly stressed the importance of further supporting military service members. Key among those opportunities, according to Donnelly, is ensuring adequate access to mental health.

“We have a lot of challenges around the world, but most of our service members are now home from Afghanistan,” asys Donnelly. “We want to make sure they’re receiving the transition help they need as well as the healthcare and benefits they’ve earned.”

Increased opportunities for working families in Indiana such as education, job skills, student loan reform, and going “all-in” on American energy were also cited.

Donnelly invited Connersville resident Sharon Cranfill as his guest to last night’s State of the Union Address.

Cranfill is the Director of the House of Ruth – which provides services and training for individuals recovering from addiction. She says heroin use often starts early.

“It affects not just the families, but it affects the workplaces, it affects your education, it affects your employment, it affects so many parts of our communities,” says Cranfill.

Portions of Indiana have been hit hard by what many consider to be a growing heroin crisis. Donnelly says Cranfill’s prescence shows that more attention needs to be brought to the issue.

President Obama has been previewing his goals in recent weeks, some through executive orders.

Donnelly said he wanted to hear the President talk about working with Congress to help get things done.