School Choice Week Recognized with Events

In conjunction with national efforts, Indiana Governor Mike Pence has issued a proclamation recognizing this week as Indiana School Choice Week.

The movement organizes events that look to inform parents about the K-12 education options available, and to point out a few of the benefits for choice in education policy.

National Education Week Press Secretary Shelby Tankersley says school choice is not about removing students from public schools.

“We’re always encouraging parents to look for schools that encourage parental involvement and that their child has something that they’re excited to go and do there every day,” says Tankersley.

Open houses, information sessions, and policy roundtables are among the events hosted around the state. Indiana in specific is hosting nearly 300 events across the state to share information about the topic. The state events join more than 11-thousand school choice events nationwide.

Tankersley says that often, rural areas are the slowest areas to adopt school choice opportunities.

“We find that there are all sorts of success stories where a child who had been at a previous school that maybe didn’t deal with their learning style, or speak to their interest can be switched to a different school and have a huge turn around in their educational success,” says Tankersley.

Currently Indiana has access to public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling. Those options are considered more extensive than 10 years ago, according to the National School Choice Week organization. That gives Indiana high marks according to the organization promoting school choice week.

According to a press release, School Choice Week is held every January across the country.