Pizza Wars Looks To Enhance Food Tourism

Another competition is being put on by the Northern Indiana Tourism Development Commission and, this time, it involves pizza.

The NITDC held a similar competition last year to declare the top burger restaurant in the Northern Indiana region. This spring 56 of the top locally owned pizza restaurants will be squaring off to determine the areas’ best pies.

Tourism Development Commission Marketing Manager Robby Bearss says in the restaurant industry, it’s difficult to budget for advertising.

“We found this is a very inexpensive way for them to get their name out there and get the credit they deserve as a restaurant and the quality food that they serve,” says Bearss.

The competition covers seven counties, including LaPorte, and Marshall counties. Eight local pizza restaurants from those counties will first compete against each other before squaring off against the other counties.

Bearss says food travel is a major trend in the country, and competitions can have a big impact, especially with people vacationing to the area.

“They want to see reviews, they want to know what the people that live there, what do they like to do,” says Bearss. “A lot of people, you know, you see advertise and stuff, but you know the only reason why their name is out there is because they pay for that. This is a way where you can see an authentic vote, you know, the people chose this place so it must be good.”

NITDC says there is a noticeable passion for area pizza, already.

The competition is looking to get started by April.