NIPSCO Receives Approval for Green Pilot Program

A pilot program started in 2012 has been granted long term approval according to NIPSCO.

The company’s Green Power Rate program is offered to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Currently there are 940 homes and businesses enrolled in the Green Power Program.

NIPSCO Spokesperson Denise Rodriguez says this gives energy consumers options.

“Instead of going out and buying everything to put a windmill in your backyard to go green, we’re offering them a cheaper version to be able to do that,” says Rodriguez.

According to a press release, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved the project as a long term program.

Residential customers can designate between 25 and 100-percent of their electric usage to renewable energy sources. Businesses can designate up to 10-percent. Rodriguez says businesses have lower percentages because they use more.

“Obviously their bills are more expensive, so they were given the option of between 5 and 10-percent, and also it depends on their energy usage,” says Rodriguez.

NIPSCO says its green power purchases will come from Indiana and Midwestern resources.